Alexis bledel dating vincent kartheiser

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Alexis bledel dating vincent kartheiser

Among them were Seth and Summer, portrayed by real-life couple Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson.

Brody and Bilson broke up shortly around the time they completed filming, with Bilson moving on to her , announced that he was engaged to his co-star, Rose Leslie.

Trai and Grace Byers got together near the start of series and have been married for over a year.

In fact, Stefani’s Instagram might as well be a photo album dedicated to their relationship. But in real life, Harris couldn’t be more different — he’s been in a relationship with his now-husband, David Burtka, for over a decade.

Unlike their characters’ tragically short romance, Kit Harington and Leslie seem to have a solid thing going, having dated for five years before he popped the question.

And it sounds like they’re going to have quite the nuptials — it’s already been reported that filming for Season 8 will likely be suspended for a time in order for the cast and crew to attend the wedding. On screen, Anika is responsible for the death of Andre’s wife, but in real-life, their portrayers are happily married.

It’s easy to understand why: All of those hours working together — and sometimes even playing a couple — are bound to bring you closer to your co-star in new ways.

Some of these celebs found their true love while starring on a hit TV show, while others merely had a fleeting connection.

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By the time Season 6 was completed, Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C. That’s right — in the span of just a few years, the pair met, dated, got married, and separated, all while acting alongside each other every day.

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