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I flicked every note he'd leave on my desk off when he wasn't looking. Somewhere in that, there's a connection to the question. I've always liked to look and touch, just felt or had that romantic bond with a woman. Granted, I've lived with my family long enough for them to have accused me of being cold, indifferent, or too scheme-y for my own good. My mom talked to me about it when I was 17, but she kinda just decided on her own that it was a phase and I was waiting for the right person to come along. Like, I could be anywhere with them but wouldn't know because I'm laughing with my eyes closed. Saw a girl a few times that laughed three times total and it was a fake "hah." Was very agitating to be around. I guess I need people to be OK on their own for me feel OK with them. I mean, I’ve read about it plenty and seen all the mess it creates with my friends getting their hearts broken, and I just don’t understand the game of it all sometimes. Man A: It's not that it is unappealing, it's that I don't feel that way toward women. I don't see how that enhances stuff for me or should for you. Not the whole “I want to wake up next to you” thing but more like texting someone “just thought of you” randomly throughout the day just so they know that you think of them and care about them. But if they give me that kind of affirmation, I peace out.

He's working toward his Ph D so I think he knows his shit. It's hard to describe a feeling you've never had before or understand. While I've only had one partner, I have dated and gotten dangerously close to other people. I don't like him, but I definitely love him in the "let me take care of you, you need me. Woman B: Sometimes feels hopeless, sometimes feels fine.

So, if asexuals don’t experience sexual attraction and these people do, why the “umbrella”? Many graces and demis tend to feel alienated by or disconnected from the sex-charged culture that they see around them.

Most of the time, they do not experience sexual attraction, same as asexual people.

Some people say that they occasionally experience sexual attraction, yet still relate to asexuality.

The ace umbrella encompasses asexuals, as well as people in this gray area.

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Woman B: Yes, I don’t really experience romantic or sexual attraction toward people, so I also identify as asexual. Asexual [would be if I weren't] physically attracted to women. It's like asking someone allergic to chocolate if they miss not having it. Woman A: When I was 8, I started to pine after my best friend. I had butterflies for every Valentine's Day chocolate box he'd hidden in my desk when his friends weren't looking. I never mention my lack of regard for their emotions due to the shortage of mine, but I tend to drop hints and hope they save themselves. Right now I’m in the "fine" stage but who knows where I’ll be in a few years. Woman A: Romance is a lot of compromise and consideration.

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