Brendan sexton iii dating

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Brendan sexton iii dating

According to the movie's description, Ludlow is bipolar.I'm no diagonstician, but he seemed a bit more autistic to me-his moods seemed fairly even, but he had definite problems interfacing with the rest of the world and accepting a break in his routine.Myra's character, I think, really anchored the film, and it was because of the strong performance by Alicia Goranson.Myra is an almost impossibly caustic office temp, and I think that a lesser actress might have me wondering how someone with such a firey disposition could work in a field that requires a modicum of working well with others.

I've done a lot of thinking about this movie since I've seen it, and I think it really is very profound.Granted, his jokes are pretty corny, but he senses a spark, and the guy's no quitter. Ever since their mother died, Ludlow has become accustomed to having his sister all to himself and isn't about to give her up without a fight. The story is a little slow but I founded very interesting and different contraire to my husband's opinion. This was my favorite film at the Sundance Film Festival this past year and the one film that proves to me that a small independent production can look and feel just like a quality big budgeted studio film.The actors are superb, the cinematography is phenomenal, and the writing is brilliant.There's nothing mindshakingly original about the premise of boy meets girl, but Reggie's awkward courtship of Myra is so over-the-top that it's quite fresh.Cinematic romance usually has a fairly predictable arc, but I never felt like I knew what was coming next with this movie.

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