Dating violence bill sc Adult dating site hosting

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Dating violence bill sc

Shauna complains of feeling sick and when gently questioned it soon becomes obvious that she is pregnant.

A pregnancy test confirms this and the FME tells Cullen that Shauna is probably three or four months gone, but is unsure how much of her condition she actually understands.

As Hollis has problems with a builder he has hired to work on his new house, Klein feeds off Stamp's attraction to Bradford and starts taking bets on whether or not she will go out with him.As the drink flows at the wake, the tensions rise between archenemies Gilmore and Taviner, resulting in a full-blown punch up between the pair.Despite the discovery of the Saab used in the murder, progress on the case is slow.Gilmore addresses the congregation at Knowles's funeral, and mentions the dead man's habit of chatting up girls, which causes a bit of a stir.After the service, Chandler tries to comfort Knowles's mother, but is dragged away by her daughter Tina, who blames the police for her brother's death.

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Series 18 became the first series to be broadcast in serial format, and generally, only one episode was broadcast per week.