Heather graham dating jason silva

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In 2011, he was rumored of having a relationship with actress, Heather Graham.They were often seen together in various celebreties events and restaurant.In June 2013, Silva's film "Attention: The Immersive Power Of Cinema" was part of an exhibition at MEWO in Germany.In 2014, he worked as an advisor for National Geographic Channel's Expedition Granted competition.Jason Silva is also a presenter and producer on AI Gore's cable network current TV.In 2013, he appeared as host in National Geographic Channel's "Brain Games" along with Appolo Robbins.Jason who's love life is a mystery has been the gossip of being a gay.However, he has never clarified his sexual orientation yet.

A Meme of Jason Silva taking over by storm In June 2012, Silva premiered a short video entitled "Radical Openness," which was also featured in "La Ciudad de las Ideas" conference, on 10 November 2012.The series overview the initial phase of humankind and the innovation that transform us to modern.Jason Silva Other Appearances Jaso Silva made guest appearances on "CBS This Morning" on August 15, 2012; Australian ABC program Q &A on September 24, 2012; and also in season 2 of "Star Talk." Jason also creates "Shots of Awe" a You Tube channel on the Discovery Digital Networks Test Tube in May 2013. He has been featured in The Atlantic, The Economist, Vanity Fair, Forbes, Wired and so on.He also writes and produces short films and co-host National Geographic's Jason Luis Silva was born on February 6, 1982, in Caracas, Venezuela.Silva's mother, Linda Mishkin is an artist of Ashekanizi Jewish descent, and his father Luis Manuel Silva was a former Christian who converted to Judaism.

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Jason Silva and supposed-girlfriend, actress Heather Graham at Sony Pictures Classics 20th Anniversary Party at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2011 in Toronto, Canada Source: Zimbio Jason Silva has multiple sources of earnings as he is associated with television shows and short films.

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