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Gay-straight alliances as well as safe, social LGBTQ networking sites can provide support that could be tremendously helpful to a young person trying to understand his or her sexuality.

Some curious and questioning young people are actively engaged in healthy discussions through online youth forums and teen blogs.

In trying to understand sexual orientation, it can help a person to think about who he or she has crushes on and fantasizes about being with.

A person doesnt necessarily need to have a full sexual experience in order to understand his or her sexual orientation.

If I dated or had a sexual experience with someone of the same gender, how did it make me feel?

Do I feel strongly attracted to people of both genders?

The time to explore such issues varies from individual to individual.

Yet if that same young person were to say that he or she is attracted to someone of the opposite gender, no one seems to question this.Becoming aware of sexual feelings is a normal developmental task of adolescence.Sometimes adolescents have same-sex feelings or experiences that cause confusion about their sexual orientation.Through these web-based venues, teens are asking questions, sharing stories, exchanging information, and trying to come to terms with their sexual identity.Clearly it is a process of self-discovery that is greatly enhanced by open and honest conversation with people who know what youre going through.

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When a person is questioning his or her sexual orientation or identity, they are vulnerable to outside influences forcing them to attempt to live as something they are not.

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