Regular expression for validating name in asp net speed dating in wichita falls texas

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Regular expression for validating name in asp net

Regex Code: The Regular Expression below validates the username format.

^[a-z A-Z0-9_]$ Scope: So while creating a new user for a website you can validate the username string with the following business logic: 1) User name must be between 5 to 20 characters. As you can see this is a very basic code to evaluate simple username for your website.

The Validation Expression attribute has a button next to it, and if you click it, you will gain access to some default expressions, delivered by the ASP.

While accepting values from user you must validate the values because wrong values (like XSS attacks) can cause harm to your database and website.

Here is an example where we require a 4 digit number - nothing else is acceptable: The only new attribute we use, is the validationexpression.

This attribute simply holds the Regular Expression which should be used to validate the field.

Finally, you can disable validation, both client and server validation, when certain buttons are pushed.

You can add form validation routines to your server-side code, or you can add the validation routines to your client-side code.If a browser is capable of supporting Java Script, client-side validation scripts are automatically sent to the browser.If a browser is incapable of supporting Java Script, the validation routines are automatically implemented in server-side code.Fortunately, the Validation controls discussed in this chapter do not force you to make this difficult choice.The Validation controls automatically generate both client-side and server-side code.

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The Validation controls make use of a Java Script script library that is automatically installed on your server when you install the . Unfortunately, however, it also prevents all the ASP.