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Every conversation runs its course within a similar outline: making first contact, introductions, speaking with each other, and then ending the conversation - hopefully with plans to meet again. What's the most spontaneous thing you've ever done?

To start or begin a conversation is often scary but it doesn't have to be after reading this helpful article on conversation starter questions.

This is not to say that those people who find it hard to strike up a conversation are less intelligent.

Good conversation starter skills promote an image of self-confidence and intelligence.

Now you know how to start a conversation and converse with anybody, anytime.

You dont need to invest hours into these conversation starters though.

Just choose some of the conversation questions and start off your next conversation adventure.

Some conversations begin easily, but others seem as if it hard work just to get them off the ground.

Having a good idea of great questions to start a conversation will help you avoid problems the next time you try to begin a conversation.

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Most people love to talk about themselves so get them going.