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He has been keeping the computer room door closed, he has been using a headset so that I can not hear both ends of the conversation, his sleeping patterns have changed and he is up all hours and when I would walk into the room he would close up windows and become defensive. I walked into the room late at night and he became extremely upset. He asked me again, I refused and instead sat on the couch and said I was not moving until he told me what was going on. I asked him if he was talking to a woman and what was going on.

He said that there was a woman on his game that had "feelings" for him. After a few attempts, he admitted that he has feelings for her and that they had been talking for about 4 weeks. He keeps telling me he loves me and that he is not going to throw our marriage away on a "whim", but at the same time he won't separate himself from her or stop talking to her. But I don't feel like it crushes him because if it did he would do everything in his power to fix the problem.

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Any contact with the person becomes as potent as a drug addiction.A platonic friendship doesn't have elements of sexual chemistry or attraction. In contrast, emotional sex is much more secretive and it drains energy from your primary relationship.You may love your friend, but you don't fantasize or daydream about him or her. If you're having intimate talks and sharing things you should only be sharing with your primary partner, or you're sending late night 'just thinking of you' flirty texts, you're not having just an innocent friendship.Letting go of such intoxicating nourishment seems unimaginable.Before you are tempted to do something risky -- like leave your stable, good relationship for your exciting emotional lover -- it's important to examine what's really going on. There's a huge difference between a platonic friendship and a friendship that has crossed the line into the emotional sex danger zone.

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And I feel like I am constantly grasping at straws and feeling like he doesn't care even though he says he does because he wants to "figure things out" first and then draw a conclusion.

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