Sonny with a chance of dating script reggie miller who is he dating

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They had an affair, she got into his email, discovered that he cheated on her breaking her heart, then she stalked him.Yet Billy was still her occasional booty call up until she discovered she was pregnant.

Cane and Chloe were married by a Justice of the Peace.Lily insisted on a prenatal paternity test, and when it came back not ruling out Cane as the father, she gave Cane back his ring and told him he should marry the mother of his child instead.Cane gave Chloe the ring and moved her into the back room of his house, claiming to be doing it for the child.Chloe told her that a guy who was selfish, arrogant, and unfaithful broke her heart (obviously Billy) and she would never love anyone else again, including Cane.From flashbacks it was obvious that Billy was the father of Chloes baby and that she set up their first meeting in New York City.

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