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Thedatingpoint com

I don't exactly think he's my soulmate and someone I can't bear not to pass up taking a chance on, but he has some good qualities and seems like a person who'd at the very least be an interesting friend. His work hours this fall are scheduled during my day job and I'll no longer see him during my own volunteer hours, but I could go in there during lunch to work on stuff and see him.

I don't want a baby or family of my own (I can't imagine ever wanting that- the last thing I want is to be someone's caretaker again! I really like being single, and I could go on like this forever and be fine with it. But unfortunately, the hormones eventually came back, as has the desire to have a boyfriend again.Rationally, I could pass up the guy- I'm not THAT crazy about him yet and I've been going back and forth on crushing on him due to the previous lack of interest on his part anyway.I'm not the kind of girl who maintains a fuckbuddy relationship without getting more serious intentions, so that isn't an option.I BELIEVE IN ZODIn preparation for the upcoming elections, I was just reviewing some flyers left on my doorstep detailing General Zod's campaign platform.I think you'll find his position on many different subjects quite fascinating.

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While my exes tried to be supportive, eventually they have had a problem with always coming third in my life, never spending the holidays with them because every year might very well be Dad's last Christmas, having to deal with me crying after getting off the phone with my mother because she was saying I spent too much time with some boy instead of my parents who need me, etc., etc. And I couldn't deny that it was reasonable of my exes to want to come first with me, or at least higher on the priority list.

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