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Current Culture; //Open a DB connection (in this example with Ole DB) Ole Db Connection con = new Ole Db Connection(db Connection String); con. Please stop putting forward EPPlus as an alternative to Excel Library until it is capable of the same functionality (one handles XLS, the other XLSX). Started it with the source from Excel Package, but today it's a total rewrite. I'll try to do something after I have released the new version in a few weeks (which will include encryption and table support and a few other things).

The consumer of an object can call this method when the object is no longer needed.

After adding this class to your application, you can export your Data Set to Excel in just one line of code: That's partly true: The completely free version will generate a perfect file for you, and all source code is provided.

If you donate or more to one of those two charities (of which I receive absolutely nothing), then you get a "better" version showing how to do formatting, dates, etc.

(see Sogger's answer) You actually might want to check out the interop classes.

You say no OLE (which this isn't), but the interop classes are very easy to use. Please be warned of Microsoft's stance on this: Microsoft does not currently recommend, and does not support, Automation of Microsoft Office applications from any unattended, non-interactive client application or component (including ASP, ASP.

Excel Library seems to still only work for the older Excel format (files), but may be adding support in the future for newer 2007/2010 formats. My benchmark writes a file with two tabs and about 750,000 cells. Using EPPlus it took 10 seconds, a roughly 80x speedup. And the best documentation I've found, even though it is the Java version is at poi.The SDK models the XML into classes, so that each XML tag is mapped to a tag, and then you have to build the class hierarchy (each instance has a collection of child instances/tags) correctly.

Ex ML picked up from there and added a few features.There are Microsoft specific attributes that you can use to style the output, including formulas.I realize that you may not be coding this in a web application, but here is an example of the composition of an Excel file via an HTML table.Ex ML isn't a bad option, I'm still using it in a couple of production websites. An extremely lightweight option may be to use HTML tables.For all of my new projects, though, I'm using NPOI, the . Just create head, body, and table tags in a file, and save it as a file with an extension.

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It seems to be more actively updated and documented as well. Using the solutions above, (Especially Vincent Tom's sample (Poly Math)), it's easy to build a writer that streams through big sets of data, and writes records in a manner similiar and not too much more complex to what you'd do for CSV; but that you're instead writing xml.