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Validating forms in asp

Click on Test if you wish to test, otherwise click Back and close the tool. On the next screen you will see Asp Net Sql Provider.The Login Data class is a custom model class as shown below: Inside, the Login() action makes use of Membership object to validate whether the user credentials are valid or not.Notice that the Remember Me property returns "on" if the remember me checkbox is checked.The next step is to configure your web application to enable forms authentication, membership and role based security.Open web.config and add the The Create User view basically renders an HTML form as shown below: Figure 6: The Create User view renders an HTML form Note that though we are not making use of First Name and Last Name values in the Create User action we still accept these values.In this step-by-step tutorial you will learn to implement Forms Authentication in ASP. You will also learn to use membership features, role based security and profile features. NET MVC 3 Web Application using Visual Studio 2010. The Internet Application project template already includes controllers and views that make use of Forms Authentication and membership features. Figure 3: Switch to the Security tab and create two roles The above step adds a SQL Server database (ASPNETDB.mdf) in App_Data folder of your web application, pre-configured with tables required for membership, roles and profile features.

Add one of the users to Administrator role using the Web Site Administration Tool.Figure 8: Add one of the users to Administrator role In order to authenticate existing users, you will add two actions in Membership Controller.These actions are shown below: Just like the Create User() action the Login() action also has two versions - one for GET requests and the other for POST requests. The later version of the Login() action accepts a parameter of type Login Data.Accordingly, Set Auth Cookie() method of the Forms Authentication class issues a forms authentication cookie.The user is then redirected to Index() action from the Article controller (you will code it later).

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